Chinese Embassy Spokesperson's Remarks on the Comments of Leader of Swedish Moderate Party on the Case of Gui Minhai

We are shocked by the recent erroneous comments of Ulf Kristersson, Leader of the Swedish Moderate Party, on the case of Gui Minhai. His remarks ignore China's judicial sovereignty, grossly interfere in China's internal affairs, and are full of arrogance and prejudice. We resolutely oppose that and ask him to immediately stop such wrong actions.

As a major political party in Sweden, the Moderate Party should focus its attention on solving Sweden's own problems and responding to the concerns and demands of the broad Swedish people, rather than concealing its own problems through creating, using, and playing up China-related issues. It is out of sinister political purpose and for his own self-interest that Kristersson chose to unscrupulously harm China's interests. Such actions are politically immoral, harmful to the healthy development of China-Sweden relations and the interests of the Sweden and its people, against the popular will and doomed to failure.