Chinese Embassy Spokesperson's Remarks on 8 Sidor's Article About China

Recently, the Swedish magazine, 8 Sidor, published an article named “Why do you not complain about China”. The article included a reader’s question and the answers from Swedish political parties, which made unfounded accusations against China’s human rights situation. The content of the article is totally against the truth and full of bias, which is completely unacceptable. The Embassy has sent a letter to 8 Sidor on 21 June to express firm opposition, and present China’s position as follows:

China is committed to fully respecting and protecting human rights, which is enshrined in China’s Constitution. The Communist Party of China has made it the focus of its efforts to satisfy the aspirations of the people to live a better life. China has made remarkable achievements in its human rights endeavors which have been recognized by the whole world, including lifting more than 800 million people out of poverty. These achievements are considered by the international community to be the greatest contributions China has made to the world human rights cause. Anyone with correct knowledge of China’s history and current situations will naturally come to the conclusion that the Chinese people are now enjoying the best ever dignity and rights.

China and Sweden share the same direction and goal for protecting and developing human rights. Human rights issues should not be politicized nor used as a tool to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries. On the basis of equality and mutual respect, and proceeding from an objective and constructive attitude, China stands ready to conduct in-depth dialogues and communication on human rights with all relevant parties and learn from each other, in an effort to promote the human rights cause in our own countries and continuously enhance the level of human rights protection for the whole humanity.

Like Sweden, China is a country ruled by law. All people, including foreigners, are equal before the law, with no exceptions. Chinese judicial authorities handle all criminal cases, including those involving foreign citizens, in accordance with law and legal procedures, on the basis of facts and taking the law as the criterion. China safeguards all foreigners’ lawful rights in China according to law. It is hoped that Swedish friends will respect China’s judicial sovereignty.

I also want to point out that some Swedish media, when it comes to coverage on China, only allow themselves the right to do one-sided, biased and untruthful reporting on China, but deny China the right to speak about the reality and its positions. This is not only unfair and against media ethics and professionalism, but also media tyranny. To uphold principles of free expression, openness and impartiality, it is hoped that 8 Sidor will have the courage to publish this letter. Swedish readers should have the right to know about China’s positions.

I sincerely hope that all Swedish friends, including the media, will view China in an objective way, free of stereotypes and prejudice. The Chinese Embassy in Sweden is committed to increasing the mutual understanding and friendship between our two countries. The Ambassador and other diplomats at the Embassy are willing to have face-to-face meetings with all Swedish friends, including 8 Sidor and its readers, on topics of our common interest at any time.