Chinese Embassy Spokesperson's Remarks on the Case of Gui Minhai

Gui Minhai is a criminal who has committed serious crimes in China. In January this year, he was again held under criminal coercive measures by the Chinese police on suspicion of engaging in criminal offences including illegally providing state secrets and intelligence of China overseas and endangering China’s state security. Though Gui Minhai is a Swedish citizen, his criminal case in China must be dealt with by competent Chinese authorities in accordance with Chinese law, in which no other side has the right to interfere. It is hoped that the Swedish side will respect the spirit of the rule of law and China’s judicial sovereignty.

China safeguards Gui Minhai's lawful rights according to law. China has arranged thorough medical checkups for Gui Minhai carried out by senior medical experts. The diagnosis has shown that Gui Minhai is in good physical and mental condition and is not suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) as alleged by some Swedish media outlets. China handles in accordance with relevant international law and Chinese law and agrees in principle to the Swedish side’s request for a consular visit to Gui Minhai and providing medical services to him.

The Ministries for Foreign Affairs of both China and Sweden has maintained close communication on the case of Gui Minhai. The Chinese Embassy in Sweden has also stayed in close contact with the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs on this case. On the premise of handling this case in accordance with law, China stands ready to work with the Swedish side to handle it properly, in keeping with the principles of mutual respect and equality.