Ambassador Gui Congyou Meets with Head of the Schiller Institute in Sweden

On 18 July 2018, Ambassador Gui Congyou received Mr. Sandmark, Director of the Schiller Institute in Sweden, and his colleagues at the Embassy. They exchanged views on promoting the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in Sweden.

Ambassador Gui said that the 20th China-EU Summit has just been successfully held in Beijing. Leaders from China and the EU have reached an important consensus on strengthening cooperation under the framework of BRI and will continue to forge synergies between China’s BRI and the Europe-Asia connectivity networks, which marks the start of a new stage in China-Europe cooperation under the BRI framework. The Schiller Institute, by successfully co-hosting a seminar on BRI with other organizations not long ago, has played an important role in promoting BRI in Sweden.

Mr. Sandmark and his colleagues presented to Ambassador Gui the preparatory work plan of the BRI Implementation Team in Sweden. They said that this team will work to introduce BRI to the vast Swedish people from all walks of life and promote China-Sweden cooperation under the framework of BRI, mainly through seminars, media campaign, courses targeting Swedish companies, and visits of Swedish business delegations to China.

Ambassador Gui expressed his willingness to actively consider providing support and assistance for the Implementation Team.