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Charge d’affaires Mr. Zhang Biao Attends the Green Silk Road Webinar
2021-11-11 21:44

On November 10, Charge d 'affaires Mr. Zhang Biao attended the Green Silk Road Webinar and delivered a keynote speech.

Chargé d'affaires Zhang introduced China’s experience on the path of high-quality development that prioritizes environmental protection and low-carbon development. He stressed that China has delivered on its 2020 climate action target ahead of schedule, and formed a “1+N” policy framework for delivering carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, with clearly defined timetable, road map and blueprint. It took developed countries 50 to 70 years to move from carbon peaking to carbon neutrality, and China is committed to taking only 30 years. The time frame China promised is far shorter than developed countries, which means China, the world’s largest developing country, will achieve the world’s largest carbon emission reduction in the shortest period of time.

Chargé d'affaires Zhang said that China has been fulfilling international responsibilities suited to its national conditions by actively promoting green transition, and support developing countries in adopting green and low-carbon development methods. This year, China launched the BRI Green Partnership and is using the BRI as a platform to share its green development practices with other BRI countries, to promote a green and low-carbon recovery for all BRI countries after the pandemic. The green development philosophies of China and Sweden are highly compatible, which presents us with bright cooperation prospects. China is willing to work with all other countries including Sweden on the basis of mutual respect and equality. China is also willing to actively expand practical cooperation on the bilateral level and with BRI countries, to energize green development in China, Sweden and elsewhere, and make contributions to the green cause of the world.

Former Vice Secretary-General of the United Nations Mr Erik Solheim, former Italian Vice Minister of Economic Development Mr. Zeraci, Ambassadors of Serbia, Belarus and Pakistan to Sweden, members of the Swedish business and academic communities attended the seminar, and expressed that promoting green development and addressing climate change is an international consensus and the development trend of the era. China has gained successful experience in making progress on both environmental protection and economic growth, and will help more developing countries follow the path of green development through the Belt and Road Initiative. China is a true practitioner of green development, and the US and other Western countries need to strengthen cooperation with China to jointly respond to climate change.

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