Notice on the Resumption of Processing Applications for Long-term Study Visa

   From the date of the issuance of this notice, long-term overseas students who are going to China for academic education can submit their X1 visa applications to the Chinese Visa Application Service Center. Application materials include the "Visa Application Form for Foreign Students in China" (JW201/202 Form), school admission notice (freshmen) or return certificate (senior students) and others as required. Family members of students studying in China can apply to live with or visit their relatives in China. Visa applications from short-term overseas students for non-academic education (X2 visa) are not accepted at the moment.

To apply for a visa online, fill in the form and make an appointment, please log in:

Contact information:

Chinese Visa Application Service Center in Stockholm



    Chinese Visa Application Service Center in Gothenburg


Fax: 031-7305867